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Five Year Small Business Term Loan Information

Been in business for at least two years.

Sufficient cash flow to service the debt.

$20,000 minimum monthly deposits.
(waiver may be obtained on a case by case basis)

Accepting credit cards is not necessary for approval.

Credit should be fair.

The following information are required for preliminary underwriting

Six months bank statements.

Six months merchant statements (if available).

Articles of Incorporation / Fictitious business name filing.

Copies of all business licenses.

Copies of ID or driver license for all borrowers.

Business tax return

Additional items may be required at time of underwriting.
Five Year Small Business Term Loans
Tailored for small and middle market companies.
Expansion, Recapitalization and Acquisition

Fast funding for small business term loan financing program from

$25k to $500,000.

Funding as little as few days

Three to five years terms with competitive rates.

Easy to qualify for small business term loans .

Monthly payment structure.

Please contact us to help you qualify for this small business term
loan program.
Five Year Small Business Term Loans
Five Year Small Business Term Loans
Health Care, Medical and dental financing
Aircraft Financing and Leasing
Rising Bird, Inc. is committed to provide every client
unmatched professional service and support.
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May 5, 2017
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$8.2 Million Credit Facility
for Don Rose Oil Co, Inc.

September 14, 2013
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$1,250,000 Credit Facility
for EU Montage USA

February 16, 2012
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$7.75 Million Credit Facility
for Butler-Johnson

July 28, 2011
Icon Media Holdings, Inc.
Announces Working
Capital Facility

December 4, 2008
$1.25MIL Line of Credit for
L5 Performance Systems
Inc Arranged by Rising
Bird Inc.

October 16, 2005
Rising Bird, Inc.
Successfully Secures
Funding for Stone in the
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