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Business Debt Resolution and Settlement Program
Business Debt Solutions
Tailored for small and middle market companies.

Please contact us to discuss your business situation through email,
inquiry form on this page, or by calling us.

We will be happy to give you a free consultation.
Business debt resolution program overview
Consolidate and resolve business debt

Payables of bank loans, credit lines, credit card payments, equipment
can reduce your company’s debt as much as 70%.

Our debt resolution program is based on what your company can
afford to pay, not what creditors demand.  We reduce or eliminate legal
costs while creating the time needed to balance your budget and
manage cash flow.

In short, we help you consolidate your debt, arrange financing, arrange
affordable payment plan, relieve some stress and help you operate
your business in a positive cash flow environment.

Getting started is very easy and once we intervene you can expect to
see results within the first 7-10 days.  If you would like to discuss your
company’s needs in more detail please call us for a free consultation.
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Health Care, Medical and dental financing
Aircraft Financing and Leasing
Five Year Small Business Term Loans
Rising Bird, Inc. is committed to provide every client
unmatched professional service and support.
Press Releases

May 5, 2017
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$8.2 Million Credit Facility
for Don Rose Oil Co, Inc.

September 14, 2013
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$1,250,000 Credit Facility
for EU Montage USA

February 16, 2012
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$7.75 Million Credit Facility
for Butler-Johnson

July 28, 2011
Icon Media Holdings, Inc.
Announces Working
Capital Facility

December 4, 2008
$1.25MIL Line of Credit for
L5 Performance Systems
Inc Arranged by Rising
Bird Inc.

October 16, 2005
Rising Bird, Inc.
Successfully Secures
Funding for Stone in the
Surf Press
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